How can I search my favorite directories in Synapse?

Asked by on 2011-02-03


With Gnome-Do, I can summon my favorite directories by "Files and Folders" plugin.
How can I do it with Synapse?
It appears that Synapse has no configuration dialog for directory search, and doesn't learn my favorites automatically.

Sorry for my poor English.

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Michal Hruby
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Best Michal Hruby (mhr3) said : #1

If there are some files logged by Zeitgeist inside the directory, you should be able to see them. If not, you'll have to wait for us to implement configuration dialogs for the plugins. (topenpe) said : #2

Thanks for your reply, Michal.

At present, Synapse seems to be 'file-oriented'.
I want to open directories, not files in them.
So, I'm looking forward to your implementation!

Thank you.

Ian W Scott (iscott) said : #3

I just want to second this feature request. The one thing that makes me sometimes want to go back to using kupfer is the ease with which kupfer lets me open a directory. The problem with strictly file-oriented configuration is that sometimes I don't remember the names of files, so I need to scan a folder before I know what I want to open.

Alberto Aldegheri (albyrock87) said : #4

I can say that this feature (favorite directories) will be in Synapse 0.2.8 =)
But you'll can't browse directories (at least in 0.2.8, maybe for 0.3.0).

Another thing I'd like to say, is that if you have this:
- directory_name
- - -> file1
- - -> file2
- - -> file3

You can just search for "directory_name" and synapse will show relevant files found inside that directory :)