Is it supposed to follow symlinks?

Asked by Colin Norris on 2010-12-11

I have my music collection in a folder on a separate hard disk, and there's a symlink to that folder in my home directory's Music folder.

Banshee follows that symlink and indexes all the files on the other hard disk, but Synapse can't seem to find any of them.

Is it set up wrong, or is that not supported - in which case, can I make it work?

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Alberto Aldegheri
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Best Alberto Aldegheri (albyrock87) said : #1

Synapse uses Zeitgeist, so if you have the banshee's zeitgeist plugin it should work (with files that you play at least one time) :)

Synapse is not a file indexer (at the moment)!

Colin Norris (sirrontm) said : #2

Thanks Alberto, that solved my question.

alecive (alecive) said : #3

Sorry if I'm saying something stupid: for music files or stuff like this I understood.
But if I've a symlink to a directory that point in another partition, why with synapse I cannot find files into it (that I open quite often)? I'm trying for example to find a .m (matlab) file opened right now, but synapse cannot find it!

It's because synapse it's not a file indexer, as you replied above?


Alberto Aldegheri (albyrock87) said : #4

Matlab probably doesn't push events to Zeitgeist or to GtkRecent!

So the answere is the same: Synapse is not a file indexer =)

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alecive (alecive) said : #5

Ok understood.. but if for example I'd open the file with gedit, it could work right? I.e. the problem is not that the file is in another partition, but that synapse needs zeitgeist or gtkrecent right?

Alberto Aldegheri (albyrock87) said : #6

Exactly, in example I have the following symlink:
~/Music/mymusic -> /media/WindowsPartition/Music/

Rhythmbox pushes events to ZG so in Synapse I can see audio files I played :)

Also I can see Images I opened (with Eye of gnome) that are in /media/WindowsPartition/Images
And I have no Symlink to that :)

alecive (alecive) said : #7


so many thanks for the quick and kind reply!