c plugins example ?

Asked by Oliver Marks on 2010-12-03

I have seen in another question that we can write plugins in c are there any examples i had a quick look in the source code but it looks like everything is currently in vala i could not find an example of a c plugin just after something to get me going.

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Oliver Marks
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Michal Hruby (mhr3) said : #1

Why would you want to use C, when you can use Vala? Plugins heavily rely on inheritance and interfaces, it'd be quite a pain having to implement everything in C with the boilerplate GObject code.

Oliver Marks (oly) said : #2

the answer to that is quite simple, i know c python and php and struggle enough with the varying syntaxes so do not want to make my life any more complicated, so if i can write plugins in one of those i will if not i will not :)
I like the program but there are a few plugins i would like to see one for connecting to ftp and another for opening connections to a database ideally using mysql workbench and filezilla as i deal with a vast number of server on a regular basis.

Magnun Leno (magnun-leno) said : #3

Support for Python plugins would be great!