File and Directory search based on (partial) filename

Asked by Sander Smid on 2010-12-02

It would be nice if there was on option to search for files/fodlers based on (part of the) name directly from synapse.

This would require that zeitgeist scans and follows all modifications on (at least) the home folder. Search results should auto update (a search result should be updated when new files are made/renamed/etc). Think of it as a 'locate' command with realtime updates and withou having manually build the database and with a gui. For those who know the windows tool called Everything ( that's basicly the functionality I'm looking for.

I.e. a search using these keywords "fresh code src" should return a lists of files/folders like this like:


Is this something what could be integrated (as plugin) for synapse or isn't it in line with the goals of the project?

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Alberto Aldegheri
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Alberto Aldegheri (albyrock87) said : #1

That type of search (based on part of the path) is already possible and working =)

But atm we use only Zeitgeist to find files and folder.
That means that you'll find only files and folders you used in some way.

So the power of the search depends on Zeitgeist.
The more data-providers you use, the best results you'll get.

I think that we will work on some kind of indexing to match all files that are not into the ZG log,
but I can't tell you more than this at the moment.

Sander Smid (s-smid) said : #2

Is there another way to add all files/directories to zeitgeist?

Best Alberto Aldegheri (albyrock87) said : #3

I asked on #zeitgeist channel, and that's not possible.
We'll work to fix this btw! :)

Sander Smid (s-smid) said : #4

Thanks Alberto, that solved my question.