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Asked by skalka on 2010-11-30

Is there a way to browse subfolders? In GnomeDo you can just start, for instance, from Music and then, using right arrow go deep down. It's very useful even because Synapse finds some subfolders, but not, rightly, everything. If it's not intended to work in that way I'm will try to get used with this new system...

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Michal Hruby (mhr3) said : #1

No, atm Synapse searches, no browsing - this might change in the future, but why not just start search with the actual thing you're looking for? If you don't remember the particular file/directory name you can use the "Open folder" action to open the parent directory and use standard file browsers (which, as opposed to Synapse, should do browsing quite well). :)

skalka (skalka) said : #2

Just because sometimes I perfectly know what I'm looking for, but Synapse doesn't show it, so I have to go to parent folder than browse into my desired place.

David Ordenes D. (radioboy-2) said : #3

It would be useful for "copy to..." and "move to..." features. :)

Nathan Snyder (snyderxc) said : #4

As far as copy to and move to, Synapse supports commands.

cp /home/user/documents /home/user/pictures
mv /home/user/documents /home/user/pictures

Nathan so does the gnome-terminal supports cp and mv :-P
what i believe David asks for is (taken by your example above) :
type 'Documents' -> (Tab) -> 'Move to' -> (Tab) 'Pictures'
much less typing

mind.screen (kovit-yandex) said : #6

Hi. I like Synapse and I must say that you have done very good thing. Nevertheless I agree with 'skalka's' opinion about working with folders, mentioned above. I think I have not the same but similar problem. For example, I want to open a folder, but Synapse can't offer it (or may be I can't understand how it could be opened, using Tab or arrows do not resolve the problem). Synapse can run or open a called file inside a folder. But sometimes I need only open a folder by it name. It refuses. Why it do not index folders for giving me an opportunity to browse them like 'Do' does. It shouldn't be very difficult. Nautilus is another application and it is not convenient to switch to another application while one is using Synapse.

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