How to contribute a plugin?

Created by Michal Hruby
plugin bazaar bzr

New plugins should have their own branch on Launchpad ( which is based on the trunk branch of Synapse.

Here's a quick summary of setting up a branch:
1) install bzr (sudo apt-get install bzr)
2) open terminal and go into directory where the branch will be created
3) run `bzr branch lp:synapse-project` - this will create a directory named "synapse-project" based on trunk branch of Synapse
4) make your changes in the branch (ie add new files, modify existing files)
5) if you added any files you need to run `bzr add relative_path/file_name`
6) commit your changes `bzr commit`
7) repeat steps 4-6 as you please
8) push your branch to launchpad (see link on the top)

Once all of this is done, register merge of your branch with the main one. This can be achieved by navigating to, clicking your branch and afterwards the "Propose for merging" link.