Where is the Online Accounts in the system settings?

Asked by David González on 2015-04-11

I saw Online Accounts in a review I read months ago, now when I install Freya 0.3 in the virtualbox I can't find anything related to connecting multiple accounts. (Google, Fastmail, etc)

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Marcus Wichelmann
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kay van der Zander (kay20) said : #1

Go to applications in the left upper corner.
Then search for system settings and open it.
As last step search for a cloud icon in the network section.

then a screen opens and you can click on the facebook and google icons there.
when u have click on of them you can enter your account information.

PLEASE NOTE not every application in freya is ready to use these account information.
It is still in development on some applications.

David González (allenskd) said : #2

Hello kay,

I followed the instruction but the icon wasn't there:

What I see:


It's like the installation I did never installed it in the first place which is weird... should I do a fresh install?

Best Marcus Wichelmann (l-admin-3) said : #4

The plug isn't contained in the offical image anymore because the online-accounts-feature wasn't finished and there were no apps that are compatible to that new feature. If you want to install the plug anyway you could do it by opening the terminal and executing the following command:

sudo apt-get install switchboard-plug-online-accounts

David González (allenskd) said : #5

Hello Marcus,

 Alright, that makes sense. I think I'm going to hold on for now on making the jump to eOS till that gets polished, personally it's a very valuable function for me and hopefully eOS will make it shine in the next iterations.

Peter Benedik (peter-benedik) said : #6

Good answer.