How to use multi-gesture commands to change workspaces

Asked by Cody on 2015-04-20

My brother (who is a mac lover) recently tried out elementary OS Freya. He thought it was pretty good but his main complaint was the lack of useful multi-gestures on the track pad. I recently installed touchegg, and that worked fairly well but it doesn't have any commands to change workspaces or look at multi tasking view. There might be a way to add one but I am not that terminal savvy. I also tried easy stroke but it wouldn't let me make an action. Is there a way I could make this work? Like something i can copy paste to terminal or a fix for easy stroke?


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Alex Gleason (alexgleason) said : #1

Hi Cody,

Workspace gestures are a targeted addition to the next major version of elementary OS. I've attached two bugs to this question so you can track their progress.

We hear you, it will definitely be a useful feature to have.

Thanks for using elementary OS!


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