Colors retrieved from the web don't match Pantone Bridge sRGB

Asked by Guillermo Espertino (Gez) on 2010-07-15

I'm using Swatchbooker 0.7.2 and downloaded and converted to gpl the Pantone Formula and Bridge books.
The RGB values from the Bridge guide don't match the numbers in the actual bridge guide nor the RGB swatch previews in the Pantone Cross Reference site (which do match the numbers in the physical guide).
I expected that Formula guide books won't match because they're -CMYK and- LAB only and had to be converted, but Bridge books have sRGB values and I was expecting those numbers to be retained.
Am I missing something or it's a bug?

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Olivier Berten
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You're right... SwatchBooker currently recomputes the values from the Lab values. I'll fix that...

Thanks Olivier.
I saw the Lab values right after I posted the question and I thought it could be the problem.
Anyway, there's an interesting side effect with this "bug": The visual appearance of the Pantone Bridge colors converted from Lab to sRGB with the current version looks pretty close to the printed process swatches (the right side of the bridge guide, the one printed with CMYK).
It's not "correct" but it is worth to keep that in mind. When working for late-binding offset print with sRGB colors, the current swatches seem at first sight better than working with the "right" sRGB values from the guide.
However, for screen representation, the sRGB values from Pantone match better the appearance of the spot swatches from the formula guide.