Building an away plugin for maki

Asked by Luke Faraone on 2010-03-26


I'd like to augment the system so that, if there are no clients connected to maki, or all the connected clients are "away", and a hilight message arrives, that the message be dispatched via a remote API call. (specifically,

From what I can tell reading the documentation, it looks like plugins are only implementable in clients, you can't modify the core without rebuilding from source.

If that's correct, would the proper approach be to create a DBus client of maki which attached to proper signals and handled the notification?

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Marian (nemo-ikkoku) said : #1


Yes, you are right.
Due to the fact that all actions are handled via DBus there's no need for maki to provide a special plugin API.

You can find a listing of the DBus methods and signals in the maki source package (in the data folder)
or you can look here:;a=blob;f=data/dbus.xml;h=a8e67c0717202f5753359081d1817280ccd0f328;hb=HEAD


Michael Kuhn (suraia) said : #2

In fact, maki kind of has support for plugins (see;a=tree;f=source/plugins;hb=HEAD), but we currently do not expose a special (stable) plugin interface. The easiest way would probably be to write a simple Python plugin.

Another problem is that maki currently does not track connected clients, that is, we do not know whether a client is listening or not.

Michael Kuhn (suraia) said : #3