Can subdownloader-cli rename the downloaded subtitle?

Asked by juanDA on 2008-09-11

I am trying subdownloader-cli in xubuntu.
I was using subdl before [], wich downloads the subtitle and renames it so when i open the video file, the subtitle loads automatically. but it does not allow upload

i tried this with subdownloader:

subdownloader -c -i -D --video=./myvideo.S01E01.HDTVXviD.avi -l en

But when i checked the downloaded file, it was not renamed :(
I was expecting to find something as,

but instead i got something like

I couldn't find any documentation in the help to do this :(

on a different subject, is it ok to do something like this?

subdownloader -ciDl en --video=./myvideo.S01E01.HDTVXviD.avi

i tried it and seems to work, i just want to be sure.

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Adrian Petrescu
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Best Adrian Petrescu (apetresc) said : #1

Check out the command line parameters listed here:

As you see, there is this flag:

  --output=OUTPUT Output to specified output filename. Can include the
                       following format specifiers:
                         %I subtitle id
                         %m movie file base %M movie file extension
                         %s subtitle file base %S subtitle file extension
                         %l language (English) %L language (2-letter ISO639)
                       Default is "%m.%S"; if multiple languages are searched,
                       then the default is "%m.%L.%S"; if --download=all, then
                       the default is "%m.%L.%I.%S".

It might be the -l flag you're passing that is causing it to use the 'subtitle id' as the filename. Use %m.%S for what you want.

juanDA (juandavid-escobar) said : #2

The --output flag is available in subdownloader?

juanDA (juandavid-escobar) said : #3

Thanks Adrian Petrescu, that solved my question.