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Asked by agarciagonz on 2010-09-02

Have you drop the release of new version for Mac OSX¿
We are stuck with 2.0.9

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Ivan Garcia (capiscuas) said : #1

Last releases where done by some volunteer that now has not more time.
If any of the user volunteers to compile the MacOS package that will help us to release 2.0.13

Best Regards.

I have downloaded the Tarball source code and directly copy into

A kind of radical approach based on copy-paste.

Now I am able to login (first time after 2 months). But the problem is that when I try to scan a folder the program does not find anything. It stops scanning and that´s it. There are no messages neither.

Any idea?


PD: ¿Mejor en español al proxima pregunta?

One funny thing If i chose the "elegir video" option it works fine. It find the subtitles.

In a nutshell, it seems that the problem is the Scan itself, that is not able to find video files inside the chosen folder.

Karlo (tomkarlo) said : #4

Please, can anyone compile this, its very nice and useful software!!!???

I can compile code, but I don't know how ... :)

By the way, I tried the same thing as agarciagonz (to copy contents direct to teh package) and really, finaly works login procedure.
Program is little bit slow, searching is not working.

If I get info how to compile code, I can do it. ;)

In my case it does not work if you choose "look for subtitles" inside a chosen folder
But it works if you specifically select a file to look for subtitles.

I mean, it does not work if you choose the folder "Doctor Who" but it works if you select the .avii file within the folder.

Piotr ZEd (d133275) said : #7

Hello, I need a little assistance.

how exactly should i Paste the Tar file? when i unzip the tar.gz I get .tar file and then i cant extract it any more. and in the .app/Conten/Resources ther were no tar files erlier so i Dont know witch one should I be replacing and mayby renaiming?

can someone explain it better?

thanx a lot

Piotr ZEd (d133275) said : #8

I think I know whats the problem ...

the file subdownloader_2.0.13.tar.gz @ Should be 700KB and when I hit it I get 4KB file with some Html inside

Any chance to get my hands on the real 2.0.13 tarball?

Roman Sheydvasser (s-roman) said : #9

I would like to volunteer if someone could help or point to a tutorial/resources on how to compile it. I have some experience with programming but the Mac is a new environment for me and I haven't really dealt with serious python projects before, but I'm eager learn more.

Ivan Garcia (capiscuas) said : #10

Thanks a lot for the offer Roman. The floor is all yours.
By the way, don't worry about the kaa.metadata module for python, you can ignore it in the code for Mac since it's just useful to calculate the FPS of the video and send it to , something very optional but that it gave a lot of compiling problems to previous Mac compiler.

Tuche (felipe-mannshardt) said : #11

So any news on a version for mac?


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