Setting up a desktop link to Streamtastic and a Player for it

Asked by Ângelo Miranda

Dear friends,
I'm kind of a newbie on Linux and there are still lots of things I don't know how to do.
What I'd like to know about Streamtastic is:
1) Is there a way I can set up a link to run Streamtastic on my Linux Mint Desktop so I don't have to run a terminal command line sudo ./ each time I want to run it?
2) How can I set up a player for it? I have banshee and SMPlayer installed!
Thanks for your kind attention!

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Joachim Lippold (mailtojoeaticq) said :

Hi Ângelo,

i suppose you are using the current stable version 0.4.1 from this site.

1) Streamtastic does not require root privileges, so do not use sudo to launch it.
Just extract the zip-File, f.i. to a folder named "streamtastic" in your home directory.

2) Make the supplied .sh Script executable. To achieve this execute:
    chmod a+x
from a command shell (konsole or likewise) while you are in the "streamtastic" folder.

3) Now you can launch streamtastic with:

4) To create a Desktop-Shortcut open the "streamtastic" folder in your file explorer ("Nemo" or likewise). Right click on the "" Script and select "Make Link" from the context menu. This should apply for Cinnamon Desktop in Mint ( The creation of a desktop shortcut depends on your graphical desktop. There should be enough guides on the net.

If you have the "binfmt-support" package installed (debian based distributions) you can also make the .jar file executable:
    chmod a+x streamtastic.jar

Then you can start streamtastic with

Furthermore if you want to have streamtastic in your path, you can create a link in /usr/local/bin:
    ln -s /path/to/streamtastic/streamtastic.jar /usr/local/bin/streamtastic

This makes it possible to launch streamtastic like any other other linux program:

No need to be in the "streamtastic" directory and no need to prepend "./" anymore.

I wasn't able to setup playback with banshee. SMPlayer does not work on all stream urls and caches a lot before even starting playback. This results in a bad user experience.

VLC does work very well.
1) Install vlc package
2) In Streamtastic go to settings tab navigate to "external player setup".
3) There use the "..." button and navigate to /usr/bin/vlc
4) check "set player command line options:" and insert the following:
    --started-from-file ${url}
5) Save Settings

Feel free to ask if you encounter any problems.


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Ângelo Miranda (angelo-miranda) said :

Hi, Joe!!
Yes, I downloaded the file from this site.
What I noticed was that Linux Mint accepted the command to create the link but when I clicked on it, nothing happened. I opened a terminal and checked the response to the command line within the link. It said that the path was not found. I had been reading around and got the impression that .sh files were a kind of script, so, I opened it with notepad and added the full path to the comand inside the file and saved it. Maybe it was something crazy and I didn't know exactly what I was doing, but it worked, lol!
I also ended up finding the players executables in the /usr/bin folder and was giving AUDACIOUS a try.
Thank you so much for your attention!

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