Can I set up stream2ip to automatically pair and connect for a certain type of headset that I just put into discovery mode and if so how?

Created by Takkat on on 2012-06-15
pairing autoconnect bluetooth
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Takkat on on 2012-06-15

Stream2ip is not able to pair and set up a BT headset. To do this we will have to use a Bluetooth service such as Bluez or Blueman. Once a headset is paired it should autoconnect to it as soon as it is present. Then it should also be automatically recognized by pulseaudio as a new audio sink. Only then will stream2ip be able to switch the audio output to the headset. This will be done by choosing option `Autoconnect' with a time interval of e.g. 4s to scan. Put `Auto' in options to detect any audio device or the MAC to connect only to this device.

We may also use the pulseaudio `module-switch-on-connect' to do so without the help of stream2ip. In case there are autoconnecting issues with the headset we may also try with