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Asked by Bradley Clemetson

Hello after quite a few hours of development with much progress on the project "StrataExtract" (not the final name). I have implemented a configuration parser, thread dispatcher, game title and version detection, GUI framework via GTKMM and Cocoa. I am now finally getting to the core of the extraction tool. I am wondering what the mood is for making some changes to the way Stratagus reads X game's assets (Images/Scripts/Videos/ect). Here are some ideas I have had so far (please critique/support ideas)

1. Instead of the extraction utility simply outputting the files to a folder, it should instead create a compressed file with everything inside it with a custom file extension (Game.gus? or Game.Stratagame?) with either compression or no compression. In order to keep users and tools from mucking with files easily.

2.Audio files are currently .wav in .gz compressed archives, instead the extraction tool will convert the audio to Ogg vorbis without the individual file archive. (Video files converted to Ogg Theora)

3.The extraction utility makes a Game configuration file in the root of the compressed asset file to identify (uuid) said assets and download the latest scripts to ensure best game play. Each time the game is started Stratagus checks a repo and updates the scripts as necessary.

Thank You :)

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Kyran Jackson (erstmap) said :

1. I suppose we could have the extracted data archived. I wouldn't recommend zipping the scripts or anything else doesn't get extracted though.

2. Good.

3. I think a good idea would be for the compressed file to not need to be updated. So it should just contain everything that gets extracted from the game disc.

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Bradley Clemetson (brad-c6) said :

Where should the scripts be stored? How should/would we ensure each person is using updated scripts (to avoid multiplayer situations of mismatched scripts?

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Kyran Jackson (erstmap) said :

They can stay where they are. Updating the game is done differently on each platform (PPA on Ubuntu, installer on Windows), it'll just complicate things trying to implement an updater.

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Bradley Clemetson (brad-c6) said :


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Thaodan (theodorstormgrade) said :

Why don't use Qt instead of GTK and Cocoa? This would reduce the work to bring it on a plattform and to maintain it.

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