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I am interested in using stellarium for astrology. Is there a way of seeing the Sun in the Constellations for the Zodiac signs? Perhaps a script needs to be written for this. For example: On the 15th January, isn't the sun is supposed to be in the constellation of Capricorn (Zodiac sign December 22 to January 20) and not still in Sagittarius (Zodiac sign November 23 to December 21)? I am running Stellarium 0.10.2 on an Intel iMac OS 6.2.

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Bogdan Marinov (daggerstab) said :

First, the usual warning: Stellarium is not suitable for calculating ephemerides, celestial navigation, archaeoastronomy, etc, because it is not precise enough.

Second, the signs of the zodiac as defined by astrology have little to do with the zodiacal constellations as defined by astronomy.

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Chuckle (lasekanc) said :

Thanks Bogdan Marinov, that solved my question.

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Chuckle (lasekanc) said :

Would somebody please write a script using Stellarium for astrology. Please what/where are the best shareware or otherwise astrological software preferably for the Mac? Stellarium is great and it looks wonderful on the iMac. screen.

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jvalamala (jvalamala) said :

Why is it not precise enough?

With simple ayanamsa calculations, the tropical zodiac used in western astrology can be rectified to include precession. I think it just needs to be represented properly using a grid similar to the equatorial / azimuthal grids.

No software does anything like this yet. It would be really popular!
I'm not sure I'm up to coding again, but if you point me in the right direction, I'd like to help with developing astrological plugins.

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Chuckle (lasekanc) said :

I agree with jvalamala that an astrological plugin/script would be very popular. Would somebody please help by pointing him in the right direction for developing an astrological plugin?

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fg Helmke (fghelmke) said :

I find that the sun is always exactly one constellation behind, no matter what the date. So the program is in fact exact. The moon for example is always in the right constellation, the planets too. So I can't quite understand that the sun isn't. I am not talking about a few degrees more or less, it is simply one month behind, no matter what. Why?

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Matthew Gates (matthew-porpoisehead) said :

fg Helmke, the Sun appears in Stellarium where is appears in the sky, provided your location and clock are set right, and there is not a serious bug in the program. If you have a source which says otherwise, please so double check in another application, but also check your source.

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Chuckle (lasekanc) said :

fg Heimke, perhaps you are expecting the sun to be in the Astrological constellations instead of the Astronomical constellations in Stellarium as Bogdan Marinov has already explained above in the first post.

To compare the Astrological and Astronomical zodiacal dates please go to:

Would somebody please write a script for the Astrological constellations where the sun would remain in the Astrological constellations for a period of approximately 30 days each, beginning with Aries on the 21 March - 19 April and omitting Ophiuchus in the Astronomical constellation?

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fg Helmke (fghelmke) said :

thanks for taking the time to reply.

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David Gil (david-gil-oliva) said :

I think question #119276 ( ) should give some information about this topic. I hope I will finish the plugin sometime in the near future. If you want code or some images of the boundaries of the zodiac signs, write to me and I'll send them to you.

Take care,

David Gil

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