How do I register my city PERMANENTLY?

Asked by Tony (aqk)

First- a <diatribe> - ;-)
Every new computer (laptop, desktop, tablet) using either Windows or Linux that I install Stellarium on here has to have my local Astronomy Club's GPS added to it. And our town, Elgin Quebec, Canada.
It is important that "Quebec" be added, as there are at least two other Elgins in Canada that I know of- In Ontario and Nova Scotia, and perhaps others that I do not know of.
As well, there are several towns in the USA called "Elgin" - In Pennsylvania, in Ohio, in Texas, etc...
It would be nice if a field could be added, above "Country", refining the geo location in places such as North America, to further define the location- a State or Province,and perhaps even Australia, which has several territories, no doubt with towns of the same name.

OK, my question- how can I upload or register my location "permanently"-
  Elgin, Quebec, Canada N 45.004, W 74.243
on the supplied city data base?
Yes , we ARE right on the 45th parallel - the actual 45.00000 degrees is on my property, 200 Metres from the US border.
200 years ago, the geometers could not accurately measure the 45th parallel, and placed the concrete Canada-US border markers here afew hundred feet too far south.
  Anyhow it's handy for setting up equatorial declinations. 45 degrees!

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Alexander Wolf (alexwolf) said :

We may add Elgin, Quebec, Canada into main locations list, but... this is very small town - few houses on big area and population is less than 500 peoples. When we created the list of locations we set limit of population to 15000 peoples and introduced 2 excepts - observatories and few small towns in the Brasil (request by their community). I see difference between your coordinates and official coordinates for the town from and I don't see info about elevation of the town.

Are you really want to add the town into list of locations?

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gzotti (georg-zotti) said :

There is a file data/user_locations.txt in your Stellarium User data directory. Your private locations are stored there.

It should not be a problem to create this entry for Elgin, Quebec, Canada, Earth locally and distribute such local files to all your computers and/or fellow club members.

It might be fun to download a few gigabytes of location data and lower min population from 15.000 to 150, but please estimate what this would mean for the download size, this is simply not reasonable.

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