I have a better Chinese sky culture.

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I have a better Chinese sky culture.
It is widely used in China as a civil modification.

It contains the complete Chinese star. (In fact the Chinese constellation is hierarchical.) And more than 3,000 stars of the Chinese name. At present they are still Chinese.
It also contains a star figure. I can contact the author to ask if he can provide it to the official.

Include the following:
The current content is written in Chinese.
If the stars are willing to give the official, also include
constellationsart.fab and the corresponding Constellation art file.

I would like to know:
1. How can I provide it to the Stellarium official? Upload? send email? Or directly put the text here?
2. Do you need to translate it into english?

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Alexander Wolf (alexwolf) said :

I think the better way will be create a branch for Chinese skyculture and add all stuff into the branch. Yes, translatable names should be in English.

Please read the Chapter 9 of Stellarium User Guide for details of file formats .

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gzotti (georg-zotti) said :

Sounds very interesting!

Please provide English translations and some good description text. It should be clear from which time this skyculture is, or if this is taken from one particular source (book?). (If English is not perfect but still understandable, we can help polishing.)

There is a long history of Chinese star names and constellations, and some names sound strange to Westerners, so some stories or explanations would be welcome.

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sunshuwei (sunshuwei) said :

Yi Shitong, Chinese and Western Contrast Stars Chart and Star Catalogue 1950.0(Star Catalogue), Science Press,1981.
伊世同《中西对照恒星图表1950.0(星表分册)》 (科学出版社 1981)

This monograph has converted the Qing Dynasty Star catalogue "The Collection of Astronomical Studies(《仪象考成》)" and "The Continuation of Astronomical Studies (《仪象考成续编》)" all the coordinates of the star, so the Chinese ancient star name has been included.

As the ancient data, there are some stars in the ancient record of the location of a slight error, or can't find the place where the stars should be. there are some stars corresponding to the actual cluster or nebula, here are marked.
It contains 3245 stars, and the addition of 南极星(σ Octantis,Polaris Australis) is 3246.

If the removal of the corresponding star is not found, and corresponding to the Star cluster, Nebula, Nova,Eta CarinaeI( no HIP number ),M31,there will be more than 3,100.

How to build a branch?
I have no programming experience and my English is not fluent. I need help.
 I can write an introduction about the Chinese sky culturer.

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gzotti (georg-zotti) said :

It is described here: http://stellarium.org/wiki/index.php/Bzr_checkout

However, without programming experience, it seems better to create a new skyculture in your user data directory (See chapter 9 in the Guide), and prepare it with the necessary files, then pack it into a ZIP and sent to Alexander.

All names must be in english (European) letters! Star names should contain english transcript (so that non-Chinese can at least approximately read them) plus a translation of the meaning.) However, this is something where we (Alexander and Georg) were stuck in discussion how to best record Sky Culture knowledge. In Your case, we would need:

- Original spelling
- English transliteration (so that others can pronounce it)
- English translation (so that others understand)

and the translation system via Launchpad could provide
other-language transliteration (there may be "english style", "french style", "german style" etc.; this re-transliteration is best made by people of the respective other-language fluent in Chinese.)
other-language translation

I think we can use the English transliteration as translatable "key". And if you give the translation in brackets, we can continue using the current implementation. "Translating" back to Chinese can then of course remove the translations in brackets. Or you could put english transliteration plus translation in brackets?

I am not sure how you can then best provide the Chinese spelling. Maybe Alexander can give instructions or assist with creating a .po file which you can fill in one sweep to provide the original Chinese names as "translated" names.

This is still not an optimal system which I think should include, on display, labels in any combination of Chinese, transliterated, and translated.

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sunshuwei (sunshuwei) said :

Thank you. I started translating constellations and star names, a little bit more, and it took a lot of time.

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sunshuwei (sunshuwei) said :

 I tried Bazaar several times, but I could not succeed.I sent an email to Alexander.Hope these files are useful.
Thank you

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