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Asked by Vinit Nirwane on 2017-09-14

How to compare image (captured via telescope) to stellarium database? And identify the objects in a image

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gzotti (georg-zotti) said : #1

On one screen: Use Stellarium and your image viewer in windowed mode.
Two screens: You can use Stellarium in fullscreen mode on one screen, your image viewer in the other.

Or what exactly do you want to do?

Vinit Nirwane (sargentv) said : #2

I am computer engineering student so I want develop a open source soft ware which can compare or impose so stellarium data on live image?

gzotti (georg-zotti) said : #3

What do you compare? Astrometry (coordinates), brightnesses, star disk sizes, colors, ...? Or do you want to auto-identify star fields without coordinates? You should be able to better describe what you want to do. What is the application domain? Who will use your program? What kind of data will be created when somebody uses your program? What kind of data do you need from Stellarium? What kind of data can you provide to Stellarium?

"Live image": Really "live" as in "video", or do you work with "freshly made CCD images" (but several minutes integration time)? Would you like to have one window in your program showing a "live stream" from Stellarium, maybe operated via its web interface, side-by-side to your "live image"? Or do you want to overlay Stellarium with a "live stream" from your camera? There are many possibilities to understand your vague description.

Vinit Nirwane (sargentv) said : #4

Ok thanks for your help the information is as follows
1.we designed and 3d printed our own 6 inch telescope we are in the process of making it remotely accessable we want make software which can identify a object from telescopes live stream
4.for this we want use stellarium database simple language we want such a application where if user
Clicks on object on live stream he/she should be able to get full information about that object

Vinit Nirwane (sargentv) said : #5 get that information we want use stellarium database because it Frankly speaking the best and Free as well as open source we basically want to know that to make this happen which files of stellarium should we access and how to access them we also want mention that the code we have written for telescope control also gives back the wecenters Ra/Dec value of the view In your words we want to overlay The stellarium information on our live stream

And again thank you for your response

Vinit Nirwane (sargentv) said : #6

Also we have read full documentation form dev pages and also documentation for api as well as full code on github

Vinit Nirwane (sargentv) said : #7

10.our software fully open source and our telescope design is also open source and Free to access to any body
11. so our our basic input to the stellarium will be Ra/Dec value of center of the view as well as live video

Vinit Nirwane (sargentv) said : #8

Here I want to mention that we are group engineering students as well as amateur astronomers with some knowledge of programming and telescopes so our main objective is to merge great view of telescope with awesome data of stellarium
You can check us on Facebook at

gzotti (georg-zotti) said : #9

I think you can simply write a telescope driver compatible to the telescope plugin. (LX200 or NexStar protocol, or RTS2?) Take telescope orientation from encoders, convert to hour angle/RA and declination, exchange data with Stellarium. There are several 3rd-party projects in the Maker scene. Or would you want to identify your field of view from the stars visible in it?

Vinit Nirwane (sargentv) said : #10

We tried lx200 it works only for telescope control and we already have our on code for telescope control which gives us the Ra/Dec value of center of field of view as mentioned above
What we want our program to do is to identify a star or a object from our field of view and give us information about it
It will be users choice to select the object
Because stellarium has information about objects in sky also it has Ra/Dec value of each project so we thought that we can compare the live image (with it's Ra/Dec values)to stellarium data And can identify the object

gzotti (georg-zotti) said : #11

How do you get RA/Dec from your live image? Image analysis, or telescope pointing encoders?

I have seen a "Push-to" project. See section 14.5 in the User Guide. The motor-less telescope sends its decoded position (computed on a Raspberry Pi) to Stellarium, and Stellarium shows a "center point" for the telescope. Seems to be the obvious solution.

Vinit Nirwane (sargentv) said : #12

1.we get the Ra/Dec of center by calculating distance traveled by telescope from pole star
2.because starting position will be always pole star
3.but this not the problem here our problem is user wants to identify the object he/she is observing so how should we do that do that which files of stellarium code should we access to get corresponding names of objects and Ra/Dec values

Best gzotti (georg-zotti) said : #13

The most useful way would be using the Telescope Plugin API which shows a mark on the screen where the telescope points to.

If you ignore this recommendation, you can also use RemoteControl plugin API, and StelObjectMgr.findAndSelect() etc.

Vinit Nirwane (sargentv) said : #14

Okay we will try your recommendations
And thank you for your time and help