Stellarium on Raspbian OS to slew telescope

Asked by Muhammad Hafiz on 2017-08-08

Installed Stellarium on Raspberry Pi 3 (Raspbian Jesse OS). The Stellarium software works fine although there is slight delay in response. I am planning to slew my telescope using RPi3 via serial pins, however, i am having problem as below:

(1) unable to established connection between RPi3 and telescope via serial? Telescope connection remained "stopped" although i have pressed the "start" button on the telescope control configuration. (use the same serial connection setup on laptop and telescope slew without any issues)

(2) is there any other configuration needed to make this setup on RPi3 in order to slew telescope?

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gzotti (georg-zotti) said :

Do I understand you are running V0.13 on Qt5.2 included in stock Raspbian Jessie at around 3fps?

You want classic serial (UART) connection, not a USB->Serial cable? Make sure to address the right communication port.

Sorry, I gave up on Jessie and broken Mesa 13, am waiting for Raspbian Stretch to finally appear which should bring Qt5.7, Mesa 17 and thus hardware-accelerated Stellarium 0.16+. (I have seen 22fps or even more on intermediate dev states. Just Mesa 13 has a serious bug.)

Make sure you are allowed serial communication (you may have to be in some group like dialout?)
Usually the Stellarium logfile contains debug messages to say more.

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Best gzotti (georg-zotti) said :

One more: voltage on the serial line might be only 3.3V. Make sure to meet requirements of your telescope with that!

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Muhammad Hafiz (zmhafiz) said :

Thanks gzotti, that solved my question.

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Muhammad Hafiz (zmhafiz) said :

I will also wait for the next version of raspbian to further develop this project in future. How do i personally contact you if i decided to pursue this kind of project? u seems to me very technical savy and your input is very much appreciated.

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gzotti (georg-zotti) said :

I have some personal interest to have Stellarium running on an RPi3. Currently without telescope, though. For serial line electronics, I know some basics, but have learned most of it from the Web (Arduino etc.). Stellarium related projects can be usually discussed right here or on the Sourceforge forum.

I hope for Raspbian Stretch by October and don't put any more time in Jessie. Making your telescope work with it will be your job, but we are willing to include hints and tips (or even a circuit diagram?) for the Guide. If you really need some interface to pull UART communication voltages higher, consider whether a USB->Serial bridge may be cheaper after all. Via USB, it should work likely like under Ubuntu. (You need permissions, but then it "just should work".)