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Asked by Paul on 2016-10-10

Would it be possible to add a function that allows us to increase and decrease the latitude without jumping to an interface window? Meaning: I am at my default lat/long gazing at Polaris. I would like to now walk to the equator and show how the star changes position. After observing the stars from the equator I would like to walk to the north pole and watch how the star changes position. The scenery doesn't need to change, the ground can stay as it is, it would just be nice not to have to bring up the window to choose a location, instantly jump to that location, then turn off the window (kinda destroys the illusion).

Would that be possible? Or, am I missing that function because I haven't upgraded to 0.15.0 because of my other question?

Thanks for all your help. Stellarium ROCKS!
Paul Larson

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Alexander Wolf (alexwolf) said : #1

You can use for this demo:
1) Graphics user interface, as you found before
2) Text user interface (activated through Alt+T)
3) Web interface (see plugin Remote Control)
4) through scripting engine (Scripting Console available via F12 )

gzotti (georg-zotti) said : #2

(3) Web interface starting with with 0.15 only.
ad (4) Scripting: write two scripts increaseLat, decreaseLat and assign them to hotkeys.

Khalid AlAjaji (kajaji) said : #3

Sample script to increase latitude by 5 degrees:

// get location info and extract latitude
LocData = core.getObserverLocationInfo()
// extract Latitude
CurLat = LocData["latitude"];
CurLon = LocData["longitude"];
CurAlt = LocData["altitude"];
CurName = LocData["name"];
CurPlanet = LocData["planet"];

CurLat = CurLat + 5;
if (CurLat > 90)
 CurLat = 90

y = core.getScreenHeight()
txt1 = LabelMgr.labelScreen("Current Latitude is " + Math.floor(CurLat), 150, y - 150, false, 20, "#0080FF");
LabelMgr.setLabelShow(txt1, true);

core.setObserverLocation(CurLon, CurLat, CurAlt, 1, "upNorth", CurPlanet);

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