How to find/create log for stellarium arduino communication

Asked by Ron on 2016-09-19

I am a newbie, and have been trying to connect an Arduino used to control a home made telescope to stellarium. I have noticed in some of the posts I have read logs that show the interaction, but so far have not been able to determine where to find or how to create those logs. I am seeing some interaction between my arduino and the stellarium program, but have never been able to have stellarium recognize and display the point in the sky the telescope is pointing at. I am receiving the #GRA# and #
GRD# requests and sending back my current reading but have no idea if stellarium is able to read them or not.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Ron (1rahunt) said : #1

It was the #GR# and #GD# requests not #GRA# and #GRD# as my question included.

gzotti (georg-zotti) said : #2

Google for some projects using Arduino and Stellarium. These are third-party projects, not in control of Stellarium's developers. We cannot comment on them (but welcome them of course).
Good luck!

Ron (1rahunt) said : #3

Thanks for the response.
That is how I first saw people using and displaying the logs, but haven't been able to find them or determine how to create them. I don't know if they were created by Stellarium or some kind of debig program or what. That is the basis of my question.

gzotti (georg-zotti) said : #4

Stellarium's own log.txt file is written in Stellarium's user data directory. Its location depends on your operating system as described in the manual. E.g. default location on Windows: C:\Users\<YOU>\AppData\Roaming\Stellarium

But you seem to write about other log files, likely created by those Arduino projects. Please ask their authors on that.

Ron (1rahunt) said : #5

The Stellarium file you mentioned is actually the one several other posts showed. I have looked on my computer and so far have not been able to locate it. I will look some more and look at the manual. I wasn't sure if there was something you had to do to turn on the logging or if Stellarium created that particular file or if it came from some other source.. I think you have put me on the path to a solution and I thank you very much.

Best gzotti (georg-zotti) said : #6

The AppData folder is hidden by default. Either enter the path in Explorer file address line directly or unhide hidden folders in the Explorer settings.

Ron (1rahunt) said : #7

Thanks, I have searched pretty thoroughly but haven't tried the un-hide box yet. Hopefully I am getting closer. Your guidance is greatly appreciated.

Ron (1rahunt) said : #8

After checking the box to include hidden files in the search I finally found the file, but it didn't include the data I was expecting to find. I found a box in options for the Telescope control plugin that said something about logging communications. After checking the box I was able to see the data I was interested in. As I suspected, I transfer the RA data correctly but the DEC data is a problem that will require more experimentation. It almost looks like Stellarium is looking for a different format than the Meade protocol shows at least as I read it. But at least I can see what is actually getting to Stellarium and what it reports is the problem which has been the objective for now.

Thanks to those who put me on the path to where I can move forward.

Ron (1rahunt) said : #9

Thanks gzotti, that solved my question.