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Asked by Andrew Johnson

Is there a way to control the visibility of LBN / LDN objects either by selecting them / deselecting them or using their opacity in the same way as DSOs can be filtered based on their surface magnitude. It's a great addition but the sky is getting very cluttered, especially when zoomed out. It would be good to have a configuration option or shortcut to switch them on or off as desired.

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Alexander Wolf
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gzotti (georg-zotti) said :

Dark nebulae were a new feature in 0.13.3. Acknowledged, the LDN are a bit too many, or the automatic visibility estimate needs improvement. We should find a solution for the next version.
If the catalogs are too distracting, for now you can replace the /nebulae/default/<annoyingcatalog>_tabbed.txt by empty files.

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gzotti (georg-zotti) said :

gzotti suggests this article as an answer to your question:
FAQ #2570: “Common problems with version 0.13”.

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Alexander Wolf (alexwolf) said :

A fresh beta of Stellarium has serious changes in handling of the deep-sky objects - please check it.

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Andrew Johnson (ajohnson1963) said :

Sounds good where I do download the beta to try it out?

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Best Alexander Wolf (alexwolf) said :
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Andrew Johnson (ajohnson1963) said :

I have downloaded the 13.66.0 win64 file and tried it briefly. So far so good, the new DSO selection filter works very well also the various hints settings look good. The proportional hits produce some rather garish artifacts on the screen, perhaps these could be toned down a bit but there is plenty of scope for people to customise as they require so it's not really an issue.

I will have another play with settings later but so far this is a great upgrade.