Crashing after moving sky

Asked by larry corbin on 2014-11-09

if I keep the horison at same level I can spin the sly in a 360 degrees but if I move the horizon down any and look higher above the horizon I can not spin the sky around with out Stellarium crashing. This has been happening ever since I installed Stellarium on a new SSD drive.

Windows Server 2003
Compiled using MinGW GCC 4.8.0
Qt runtime version: 5.2.1
Qt compilation version: 5.2.1
Addressing mode: 32-bit
Total memory: 2814 MB (unreliable)
Total virtual memory: 2047 MB (unreliable)
Physical memory in use: 21%
Processor speed: 3015 MHz
Processor name: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 250 Processor
Processor speed: 3015 MHz
Processor name: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 250 Processor
C:\Program Files (x86)\Stellarium\stellarium.exe
[ This is Stellarium 0.13.0 - ]
[ Copyright (C) 2000-2014 Fabien Chereau et al ]
Writing log file to: "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.ATHLONSSD\Application Data\Stellarium\log.txt"
File search paths:
  0 . "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.ATHLONSSD\Application Data\Stellarium"
  1 . "."
Config file is: "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.ATHLONSSD\Application Data\Stellarium\config.ini"
OpenGL versions supported: "1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 2.0, 2.1"
Driver version string: "2.1.2"
GL vendor is "NVIDIA Corporation"
GL renderer is "GeForce 8200/PCI/SSE2"
Cache directory is: "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.ATHLONSSD\Local Settings\Application Data\stellarium\stellarium\cache"
Sky language is "en_US"
Application language is "en_US"
Loading Solar System data ...
Loading star data ...
"Loading ".\stars\default\": 0_0v0_2; 4963"
"Loading ".\stars\default\": 1_0v0_2; 21598"
"Loading ".\stars\default\": 2_0v0_2; 150090"
"Loading ".\stars\default\": 3_1v0_3; 428466"
Finished loading star catalogue data, max_geodesic_level: 3
navigation/preset_sky_time is a double - treating as jday: 2.45151e+06
Loaded 10051 NGC records
Loading NGC name data ...
Loaded 416 / 416 NGC name records successfully
Loading star names from ".\skycultures\western\star_names.fab"
Loaded 237 / 237 common star names
Loading star names from ".\stars\default\name.fab"
Loaded 4359 / 4359 scientific star names
Loading variable stars from ".\stars\default\gcvs_hip_part.dat"
Loaded 6886 / 6886 variable stars
Loaded 88 / 88 constellation records successfully for culture "western"
Loaded 85 / 85 constellation art records successfully for culture "western"
Loaded 89 / 89 constellation names
Loading constellation boundary data ...
Loaded 782 constellation boundary segments
Intializing basic GL shaders...
Creating GUI ...
Loaded plugin "Satellites"
Satellites: loading catalog file: "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.ATHLONSSD\Application Data\Stellarium\modules\Satellites\satellites.json"
Unable to find module called "TimeZoneConfiguration"
Loaded plugin "TimeZoneConfiguration"
getProcAddress: Unable to resolve 'glProgramParameteri'
getProcAddress: Unable to resolve 'glProgramParameteri'
getProcAddress: Unable to resolve 'glProgramParameteri'
getProcAddress: Unable to resolve 'glProgramParameteri'
getProcAddress: Unable to resolve 'glProgramParameteri'
getProcAddress: Unable to resolve 'glProgramParameteri'
Unloaded plugin "TimeZoneConfiguration"
Unloaded plugin "Satellites"
Downloaded 0 files (0 kbytes) in a session of 130.954 sec (average of 0 kB/s + 0 files from cache (0 kB)).

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gzotti (georg-zotti) said : #1

Ths has nothing to do with your SSD, but you must update GPU drivers! The NVidia 8200 could support the required OpenGL3 if you update the drivers from

I also have one. For some unclear reason 0.13.0 usually crashed within seconds on an XP system.

The only issue with 0.13.1 are occasional crashes when I zoom in on planets, esp. Jupiter.

gzotti (georg-zotti) said : #2

gzotti suggests this article as an answer to your question:
FAQ #2570: “Common problems with version 0.13”.

larry corbin (maps3333) said : #3

I updated to 0.13.1 but that was even worse. I had to delete the whole program.

larry corbin (maps3333) said : #4

the program would be locked up solid after opening then crash. Good Lord !!

Alexander Wolf (alexwolf) said : #5

Larry, you need update drivers for graphics card.

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