why dont star catalogue dowloads work anymore

Asked by Daniel on 2014-10-16

 I have been using Stellarium 0.12.4 for a year now on a windows7 ultimate PC. I have downloaded star catalogues star4 and star5 and worked fine.
I have a new windows 8.1 PC where I have been downloading star catalogue 5 - 9 which is the star4 file, but after an apparently successful download the downloader stays on Catalogue 5-9 and I have no additional stars. An issue I have yet to get a solution for in this forum. I have tried both v0.12.4 and v0.13.0

Now, the funny thing is, back on my windows 7 PC, I have just used the downloader for star catalogue 7-9 which is the star6 catalogue and now the same thing happens here. There is no catalogue downloaded (even though I can watch the download progress bar go to 100%) and the downloader just goes back to wanting to download catalogue 7-9 again just as my new PC does.

Is there a problem with the something on the Stellaruim download end?
Is anyone experiencing this also?

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Alexander Wolf (alexwolf) said : #1

After change setting on SourceForge CDN Stellarium didn't recognise the redirect correctly, because now SF give some text within body of HTTP-answer.

Daniel (lordans1) said : #2

Hi Alexander

I am very pleased to have the star downloads working again with the 0.13.1 64bit version.
Thanks for your help with this.