Stellarium ne démarre plus avec NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE

Asked by Jean-Marc on 2014-09-26


J'utilisais Stellarium 0-12-4 sans problème avec ma carte NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE (d'accord ce n'est pas le dernier modèle ...) sous Windows XP et j'ai voulu faire une mise à jour vers Stellarium 0-13-0; le logiciel ne démarre plus et m'affiche : "Votre ordinateur ne dispose pas de la version minimale requise OpenGL 1.2. Veuillez mettre à jour les pilotes de votre carte graphique."

Je désinstalle donc la nouvelle version et réinstalle l'ancienne; le problème c'est que j'ai de nouveau le même message et ne peut utiliser ni la nouvelle ni l'ancienne version : le logiciel ne démarre plus. Quant à une mise à jour Open GL de la carte NVIDIA 7300 LE, j'ai cherché sur driver downloads windows XP 32 bits, le logiciel ne trouve pas quelque chose et refuse de poursuivre.

S'agit-il d'un bug et y a-t-il moyen de réinstaller la version que j'utilisais sans problème ?

Question subsidiaire : pourquoi pour pouvoir poser cette question me demande-t-on de m'inscrire en disant que j'utilise Ubuntu, ce qui n'est pas le cas ?

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gzotti (georg-zotti) said : #1

NV7xxx series is too old.
gzotti suggests this article as an answer to your question:
FAQ #2570: “Common problems with version 0.13”.

Jean-Marc (noyelle-jeanmarc) said : #2

I try to answer in english (but I am not very fluent)
I think NV7xxx is not too old because Stellarium worked very well with my NV7300 LE ... before I wante to update it !

I try GPU Caps Viewer : it say I use "OpenGL 1.1 (GDI Generic with 2 ext.)" and Stellarium ask for "open GL 1.2 or later", I want to say the Stellarium update but also when I want to install again the old version ...

How can I update Open GL and is it possible with this old graphic card ?

gzotti (georg-zotti) said : #3

GDI generic OpenGL1.1? Have you then ever installed NVidia Drivers?

Stellarium 0.13 asks for and requires OpenGL2.1 (not 1.2 as older versions) with GLSL1.3 support, which NV8000 series fulfills (tested: works), 6000 series does not (tested: fails), and I am not sure about 7000 series, but I think it does not.

There is a version with software rendering (MESA) available ... come on, why am I repeating that FAQ over and over again?

Jean-Marc (noyelle-jeanmarc) said : #4

I find only on your answer "this solved my problem"
but this not solved my problem ...

Jean-Marc (noyelle-jeanmarc) said : #5

So I can answer only now :

"There is a version with software rendering (MESA) available ... come on, why am I repeating that FAQ over and over again?"

Maybe because people don't know that "Mesa" exist and where to find it (you don't tell where and I don't find it)

More : maybe this slow the processor because it is only software emulation and not hardware; again : Stellarium worked well before I want update it, and now when I want to reinstall my old version it ask for Open GL 1.2 (not 2.1 and I have 1.1 with my
NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE). Is it possible to obtain older Stellarium versions than 0.12.4 ; maybe this accept again open GL 1.1 ?

Also I try :

but it is easier if anybody who speak french can answer ...

Jean-Marc (noyelle-jeanmarc) said : #6

So the problem exist always :

I try also : with "auto detect your GPU"

and try to install a GPU update but this fail.

I try also OpenGL Extensions Viewer 4.2.7 and update Direct X
but for Open Gl this send to windows update which finds nothing to update....

gzotti (georg-zotti) said : #7

Download and install a driver for your NVidia 3D graphics card from (why try elsewhere?) to get more than OpenGL1.1. (An older version of the driver was on the CD that was packed with the graphics card. This alone would have helped already.) According to NVidia, driver support for their low-end product from 2006 will cease quite soon.

Wikipedia for Geforce 7300 shows it is OpenGL2.0, but DirectX9/Shader Model 3. So the native OpenGL version is not for you. But you may even be lucky with the one of the downloadable versions (These are the green thingies on the right side of the Launchpad page) which has ANGLE in its name, what this does is described in the FAQ. Good luck.

Jean-Marc (noyelle-jeanmarc) said : #8

"Download and install a driver for your NVidia 3D graphics card from (why try elsewhere?"

This don't work : I download a driver and it fail to install. More : the old driver is not yet recognized and I must reinstall all the system.

"An older version of the driver was on the CD that was packed with the graphics card"

no CD packed with the graphic card because I buy the PC already mounted with, it is a HP Pavilion Media Center m7525fr and with Windows XP pro.

But as I have to reinstall the system as I say above, I must rectify a mistake :
I have again the old Stellarium which worked and it is version 0.9.1 and not 0.12.4 as I said; It work again.
Is it possible to download again this version ?

I find also version 0.13 Mesa, and it work also; so why not to propose these two versions to download on the main page of Stellarium for Windows XP users ?

gzotti (georg-zotti) said : #9

The FAQ linked in answer 1 states that for XP you likely need the MESA version. XP is no longer supported by the support brigade of the original manufacturer (Microsoft). How long can our micro-team support it?

An archive of previous versions is at as you could have found via googling for it.

Jean-Marc (noyelle-jeanmarc) said : #10

as we say in french : "si cela va sans dire, cela ira encore mieux en le disant ..." ;-)

Do you know up to what version I am not asked for OpenGl 1.2 and OpenGl 1.1 is enough ?

Best gzotti (georg-zotti) said : #11

To look it up for you took 1 minute. Go here to download correct drivers. A GeForce card without NVidia drivers is useless!

Jean-Marc (noyelle-jeanmarc) said : #12

Yes, it take 1 minute ... and 4 hours to reinstall the system after ! I already download this driver, it fail to install, but also the old driver don't work anymore ! Why ? Probably because I buy a HP computer with pre-installed drivers, in HP way ...

Thank you for your help, Stellarium is a beautiful software !

Jean-Marc (noyelle-jeanmarc) said : #13

Thanks gzotti, that solved my question.