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Asked by Ivan Marti-Vidal

Dear developers of Stellarium,

I've created a branch with a new plugin prototype (it is in lp:~i-martividal/stellarium/Observability). Since I have never used Launchpad nor Bazaar (I mostly used svn in some small projects), I was wondering how to send this branch to you. I would also like to kindly ask you if you find that this new plugin may be of interest for the comunity.
If you would like to have a description of the plugin (it is a very simple thing), please don't hesitate to ask!

  With Kind Regards,


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Best Alexander Wolf (alexwolf) said :

Description of plugin you can make as description of branch for plugin (Look at link "Change branch details" for top right corner on branch page).

As rule plugin may be proposed for merge when that plugin works, i.e. not prototype. Before merger you can develop plugin into your branch freely. Maillist and IRC you can use for discussion about this plugin. I'm read description of plugin before and that description looks good but I think some features need implemented in core.

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Ivan Marti-Vidal (i-martividal) said :

Thanks Alexander Wolf, that solved my question.

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Ivan Marti-Vidal (i-martividal) said :

Dear Alexander,

Thank you very much for the info! :D

I have just updated the branch description. In principle, the "only" necessary thing to complete the plugin is a function that returns the equatorial coordinates of any Solar System object at any date (i.e., like the "computePositions" function, although I read in the documentation that this function is deprecated).

Once such an "ephemeris" function is called, the rest of the coding will be very easy to be implemented (i.e., just some non-linear equations to be solved easily by bisection). I'm looking forward finishing this plugin, and enjoying it so much! Thanks again!

    Best Wishes,


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Bogdan Marinov (daggerstab) said :

The Stellarium public developers mailing list archive/subsciption page is here:

As for your project, you may want to look at the code of the still unmerged PrintSky plug-in:

It has a few functions dealing with computing rise/set times.

Any further discussion should go to the mailing list.

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Ivan Marti-Vidal (i-martividal) said :

Dear Bogdan,

Thank you very much for the info!

I have just subscribed to the maillist (will send further messages there).

I have also taken a look to the "ephemeris" code in PrintSky. As far as I understand it, it results to be quite similar to what I already have in the Observability plugin for the solar system (i.e., rising/setting/transit times for the *present* day of simulation). However, the Observability plugin must also compute the "best" observing night of the year, plus the range of dates when the object is observable (the plugin already does all this for stars and deep sky). Hence, I would need to compute the position of the planets (or minor planets, or asteroids) *throughout* the year (e.g., one position for each day), and not only for the present time of simulation.

     La revedere!