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Asked by Gregory Morris on 2012-03-01

I wish to make a point on my landscape scene to represent a mountain peak from my location, so I can predict a moon or sunrise behind this peak. Can this be done?

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Khalid AlAjaji (kajaji) said : #1

This is my guess until someone provide a definite answer:

- Copy a landscape folder of the spherical type, Mars for example.

- Rename the folder to Peak
- in the landscape.ini Modifythe name= Mars line to be name=Peak
- Edit the Mars.png file using an image editor and put a circle where the peak should be (some image editors will show the cursor location in pixel y and x from the top left corner (e.g the free

To know the location of the circle do the following computation:

y coordinate of the center pixel = 512 - (the peak height in degrees/90) * 512

x coordinate of the center pixel = (peak compass mark - 90)/360 * 2048 (for peak compass direction between 90 and 360)
x coordinate of the center pixel = (peak compass mark + 270)/360 * 2048 (for peak compass direction between 0 and 90)

The Mars image file has the west (270) in the center and east (90) on the edges.

gzotti (georg-zotti) said : #2

You can create a transparent grid (use PNG format) with regular (square) cells with some image editor, e.g. 360x30 if your mountain is less than 30 degrees high, plot the peak, slice into e.g. 8 segments and configure the landscape as old_style (use Guereins as template), with

decor_angle_rotatez = -90
decor_alt_angle = 30
decor_angle_shift = 0

The last entry is important for correct altitudes. The first entry is -90 when your panorama has North on the left end.

gzotti (georg-zotti) said : #3

Addition: The grid canvas should of course be much larger, like 3600x300, 7200x600, or more.

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