Stellarium slows then crashes my 32 bit Win 7 with 1G RAM

Asked by Allen Winzler on 2011-06-21

That pretty much sums it up. Every time I launch Stellarium, it works fine until I try to launch, or even switch to, an internet browser (Chrome) or music player (iTunes). When I try to switch applications, everything bogs down, response time for even minimizing a window goes to several minutes, so I end up just Ctrl+alt+del then a few minutes later I can restart the computer. This has happened every time I try to run Stellarium and does not happen while running several other applications simultaneously. Please help, as I really like what I see about this program, but I haven't seen much because I don't have all day to watch my cursor spin in circles. Thank you.

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Alexander Wolf (alexwolf) said : #2

This issue related with bug #550337, but you CAN use workaround - work in window mode (not fullscreen)

Allen Winzler (awinzler) said : #3

That doesn't address the problem. Even when Stellarium is minimized to the task bar, it still takes 1-2 minutes to maximize Chrome even when its already open and just minimized, or rate/change songs in iTunes.

Alexander Wolf (alexwolf) said : #4

What's mode you used for Stellarium - window or full-screen?

Allen Winzler (awinzler) said : #5

I have tried using it in both maximized window and full screen mode. Either way Stellarium seems to work fine, but all other programs respond incredibly slowly when I minimize Stellarium. It just now took me almost 10 minutes to simply close Chrome and iTunes. Then I maximized Stellarium in window mode, it worked fine. I switched to full screen and it worked fine. I closed it and it closed fine. Then I was able to open Chrome and iTunes, play a couple songs, and close them both in about 30 seconds total. I re-opened Stellarium (window mode is default), and minimized it to the tray, and now any application I attempt to run is running very slowly again, even when I only try to run one program (Windows Mesh, Google Chrome, or iTunes) in addition to Stellarium.

Alexander Wolf (alexwolf) said : #6

What's CPU usage when this issue observed?

Allen Winzler (awinzler) said : #7

I just installed Stellarium on my other computer with same OS and programs but has 2G RAM instead of 1. All problems seem non-existent on laptop with higher RAM. If there is some kind of fix for the other computer that would be great. Also, on the 2G RAM computer, my FPS is around 16. On the 1G RAM computer I am getting about 0.5 - 1.5 FPS.

Alexander Wolf (alexwolf) said : #8

Hmm... Please update drivers for graphics card - your current drivers is not up-to-date and have troubles with OpenGL support

Allen Winzler (awinzler) said : #9

CPU usage is 100% right now and its not changing at all. Only Stellarium and iTunes are open. iTunes is minimized and Stellarium is in window mode. Task Manager is the only other program running. I will try the graphics card update.

In other news, Stellarium working great on other computer which I plan to take sky watching. I can switch between apps seamlessly in window or full-screen mode, and the frame rate is actually in the 50-60 range alot.

kontol (kontolmu) said : #10

the same thing also happens with version 0.11.4 64 bit on archlinux - when it's closed, stellarium launches browser (preferably chromium or chrome, regardless which browser is set as default). i have the latest gpu drivers.

interestingly this "bug" doesn't appear in 0.11 32 bit on xubuntu 11.04 and fedora 16/17.

Alexander Wolf (alexwolf) said : #11

What says log.txt?

Alexander Wolf (alexwolf) said : #12

Possible this is specific for Arch Linux bug -

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