can't run the program

Asked by Peter Lee on 2010-12-20

when i double click the program the screen just freezes. then i have to alt + tab or open the task manager to unfreeze it.
while it's frozen i can still move the mouse cursor around but unable to select or execute anything.
i'm using windows 7. it was working fine until a while ago. could it be a virus ? i use avira but on a daily scan no virus is detected.
tried to open in "no OpenGL2" mode but the problem is still there.

sorry, i couldn't find the log.txt file could you specify how to get to the folder that contains that file ?
i tried to search for "AppData" and "roaming" but nothing is found.

the oem homepage says my driver is up to date.

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Alexander Wolf (alexwolf) said : #1

Try open via shortcut "Stellarium (no OpenGL2)" in Start -> Programs -> Stellarium if you use Windows or open terminal on OSX or Linux and start Stellarium as "stellarium --safe-mode"

Also try update drivers for your videocard

Alexander Wolf (alexwolf) said : #2

Please, attach a file log.txt from your copy of Stellarium. You can find it in UserDataFolder, which will be something like: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Stellarium

Hi Peter,

As long as you got the program from the official web site then I'm pretty sure it's not infected with anything. As sure as it is possible to be these days. It is much more likely that the problem is to do with the video driver than malware.

The short reply is: please update your video card driver from the video card manufacturer's web site and try again.

The long answer is:

It seems that OpenGL support for many video drivers is of bad quality - especially on Windows 7. My understanding is that many new Windows 7 machines still come with old video drivers which have either non-existent or very buggy OpenGL support. I think the video card vendors really rushed the initial revisions of the drivers to get something out when Windows 7 was released, and OpenGL was a lower priority than DirectX, and consequently took a hit in quality. We saw the same thing with Vista for a few years after release (and even still today to some extent).

The result is that many (but not all) Windows 7 problems like this can be solved by updating video card drivers. The best place to get them is from the video card manufacturer's web site. Big OEM's like Dell often re-distribute video drivers, but they tend to lag behind the version available directly from the video card vendor - sometimes by several years.

For the record, ATI seems to be the worst in terms of OpenGL driver support, although the other vendors are by no means perfect.

Hi Peter,

Please add comments rather than changing the original description - it makes following what has happened confusing if the original description changes after people have responded to it.

I suspect some confusion here over the definition of OEM. Did you go to the maker of the machine, or of the video card component?

Also, please give us some more information:
- video card make
- video card model
- driver version
- OS version and patch level

Note that there are some video card / OS combinations which do not have a working configuration. If this is the case, your only recourse is to make a complaint to your video card manufacturer to fix their drivers. As far as I know the problems are not in Stellarium.

We don't have a comprehensive list of problematic cards, but we know a few from bug reports.

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