Star catalog update download files no where to be found

Asked by void on 2010-06-13

Im running windows 7 x64 and I recently downloaded all the star catalogs.

My current issue is that the download files are no where to be found. and I mean nowhere,
I have literally searched every folder in my computer, atleast the ones that seem to have 200 MB's and above, assuming that all star catalog updates were downloaded in the same folder, then it would make sense to search in files that are 200 Mb's and bigger.

It took me hours to thoroughly search through the folders, but all ended in vain.
Im sure the files downloaded fine because I'm 1GB short on my C: drive.

 I have read previous posts about people having this same issue, trying to find the star catalog folders, but it hasn't help me at all.

 Can i please get some support, Im trying to find where the folders might be.

ps: It seems that this issue is nothing new, so I'm surprised that the stellarium makers have not added a download file location option when ever the star catalog must be downloaded so the user can be aware of where the downloaded files are going to avoid this mentioned issue.

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The files will be downloaded to the <user data directory> + "/stars/default".

The location of the user data directory varies according to your operating system, OS language, username and system setup. Please check out this link to determine your user data directory:

For me, on modern Windows systems (Vista or later) this turns out to be:


This directory is created when you first run Stellarium. Note that there will be no stars sub-directory in here until you start downloading extra star catalogs.

Oh, I mean just:


The /media/c part is the path when seen from my Linux install. :p

P.S. You can download catalog files manually to this location, restart Stellarium and they should be picked up just fine.

P.P.S. As for what we have and haven't thought about... We have a very strong desire to keep the UI as simple as possible. If that means "hiding" details like file locations from end users, so be it. Don't be so quick to assume we didn't think about it or that everyone agrees it's done right, or that the current implementation is here to stay. If you are really interested in the design discussion, have a read through the stellarium-pubdevel mailing list archives. As it happens an alternative UI has written a month or two ago but we felt it wasn't really ready to be in for this release.

void (yaikelemail) said : #3

thank you for the support. Its just like me to overlook those kind of directories.

And to say the truth, I dont use stellarium to much.
But it comes in Handy when ever I have any questions about star locations,constellation, galaxies, planets, zodiacs, etc.
It really is a Great application, especially since I like astronomy and love exploring the stars when ever I have to find a different means besides a telescope.

Keep up the good work on this project.

void (yaikelemail) said : #4

Thank you