Unsigned installer: Dangerous to Download? Malware?

Created by gzotti on on 2017-01-22
Last updated by:
gzotti on on 2017-12-19

Some web browsers or malware protection systems claim that downloading or installing Stellarium may be dangerous because the publisher is unknown, or the installer has not been signed with some security certificate.

Apart from addictively stealing your time observing Stellarium's sky rendition, Stellarium is not dangerous and should not harm anything or anybody (but please read the GPL disclaimer about no guarantee or non-fitness for particular purpose etc.). The browser or install warning panel should offer some way to accept this warning and continue the download or installation.

However, make sure to download Stellarium from stellarium.org, github.com, launchpad.net or sourceforge.net, and not some repackaged installation from freeware sites which may pack extra software or adware into their own installers or "safe downloader apps" or may change browser settings (change default browser, modify default search engine, ...) or other things you don't want and we cannot control.