Reporting a crash or serious problem

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crash report
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gzotti on on 2017-05-10

Every few days we have a question along the lines of saying "I tried to install on my computer, and it does not work."

Another class of reports indicates "there is an error in computation".

What does such a message say to us?

"I have some kind of computer, bought likely 1995-2017, consisting of some box with keyboard and screen, and some operating system that allows me to go online and download software. Some version of Stellarium does not work here."

What do you think we can do with such a report? Yes, NOTHING! We have to ask for more information. This takes lots of our (spare) time and energy we could otherwise use for improving the software.

Before reporting a possible computational error, update Stellarium to the latest version (ensure a clean install, clear cache, clear user-modified solar system file and config files!) and make sure the error persists. Please describe what is wrong, and give references to "correct" results. It is clear that minor planet or comet positions require up-to-date orbital elements, so update them. The same goes for satellite observations. Things like deviations in constellation lines (which are not standardized) or button styles are no errors but design decisions.

Before reporting a crash, please read and understand FAQ
* "Common Problems with Version 0.12" (,
* "Common Problems with Version 0.13" (,
* "Common Problems with Version 0.14/0.15" (, and
* update your graphics card drivers.

If problems persist, continue.

When reporting a crash, please list:
* Platform and operating system: Windows (XP? Vista? 7? 8? 8.1? 10? 32bit? 64bit?), MacOSX (which?), Linux (which?)
* What kind of graphics card do you have? Driver version?
* Which version of Stellarium causes problems: NAME OF THE DOWNLOADED FILE or "built from sources at revision <9645> with Qt <version>(5.3.2, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6.1, 5.7, 5.8?), <tools> (specify which: MinGW, MSVC2010/2012?), CLang, cmake/gcc/...? ANGLE or OpenGL?)"
* The LOGFILE. From your program menu, there should be a link to "Stellarium->Last Run Log". Copy&Paste its contents.
   If logfile is empty (i.e., crash is really immediately, very early at start), please say so. We mean Stellarium's own logfile which begins with a timestamp and contains a line beginning with "[ This is Stellarium ", not any Windows crashdump log. The logfile physically is created in C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Roaming\Stellarium\log.txt (Windows), ~/Library/Preferences/Stellarium/log.txt (OS X) or ~/.stellarium/log.txt (Linux), respectively. These directories are hidden by default, you may have to unhide them in your explorer (or other file browser) settings.
* If crash was not immediately at startup, actions that lead to it. (Keypress sequence, some scenario to reliably recreate the crash.)

Please don't expect further help if sending very incomplete reports. Thanks for your understanding.