[0.10.5] Object information in the upper left corner is unreadable

Created by Bogdan Marinov on on 2010-09-15
Last updated by:
Bogdan Marinov on on 2010-09-26

In Stellarium 0.10.5, on some systems the information field that appears in the upper left corner when an object is selected is unreadable - the characters are garbled or missing.

On Windows:
Try starting Stellarium from the "Stellarium (no OpenGL2)" shortcut in Stellarium's Start menu folder. If it works, you can copy it to the desktop and replace the original shortcut.

On Linux:
Try starting Stellarium from a console with the following command:

stellarium --safe-mode

On Mac OS X:
Try the same solution as with Linux, though it may turn out to be necessary to specify the full path to Stellarium's executable file (the application bundle, "stellarium.app").