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Asked by Guy Van Sanden on 2010-09-20

I love steadyflow and it is much better than I would expect from 0.1 release.

But, is there any possibility to intergrate it into the download function of the browser yet (chromium in my case)?
I don't mind using a hack.


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Guy Van Sanden (gvs) said : #1

Ok, just saw the FAQ entry

Abdusamed Ahmed (sir508) said : #2

File a bug.. having it intergrate in all browser will be nice..liek..the app should be able to recogonize if the user is trying to download something and should automatcally pop up or soemthign

Guy Van Sanden (gvs) said : #3

There's a new Chromium extension at
it can add any custom download manager, I'm currently trying to get the right command to actually add the URL to steadyflow's queue.

Guy Van Sanden (gvs) said : #4

Ok, found the steadyflow add command, but the chromium extension does not accept 2 words before the URL
So, wrapped a littel script called arround it that basically does:
steadyflow add $1

and it works