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Asked by Evan Boldt

Hi everyone! I have a pretty nicely working drupal6 version. Its not yet ready enough for me to push it onto a server.

I was wondering.

How should the multilingual content behave?

Should we hide all materials that aren't in the selected language, or aren't language neutral?

The current behavior prefers localized material, but shows all materials.

This shouldn't hide from translators, as I am probably going to add another button at the left for translating.

This is a very simple change - just one button click for me. But I wanted to hear from some people who don't natively read English, as it should drastically change what others see.

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Steven De Baets (stevendebaets) said :

Hi Evan!
Well... I haven't seen the Drupal 6 version yet but here's my thoughts on your question...
I personally think nothing should be hidden from people using different languages, because they can always be motivated in creating new materials by seeing other materials in other languages.
I mean, someone could use a layout for example from another material and put a different text on it or turn a page from a brochure in to a poster in his own language, or at least use some elements of it.
What would be handy is a possibility to filter on language next to 'media', 'purpose', 'derivative' or 'release' when you go to the 'get materials'-section. I don't know if that's difficult to incorporate in version 6?

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Evan Boldt (echowarp) said :

I was just thinking that the "Get materials" section doesn't need materials that are in other languages.

Users seeking inspiration may try the translate button I'm working on, which then reveals other languages with a filter.

The filter functionality you could thinking is already available by using the drop-down at the top.

A manual multi-select dialogue may be possible too though.

Any other thoughts the behavior?

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Steven De Baets (stevendebaets) said :

Maybe you are right, as long as there is an option to see everything...
Is it possible to show only the translated items at first, but will there be a possibility to switch off the filter and see all materials?

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Ruben Romero (huayra) said :

On Tue, Jul 7, 2009 at 1:22 AM, Evan Boldt <
<email address hidden>> wrote:

I believe the current approach is good. Since adding complexity to the
language handling question can be harmful for languages with just a few

What we could do is "flag" the materials, so it's visible which language
they belong to. Another way of doing it could be putting a language header
on the top of the different languages material is available for.

Hope this helps :-)

Great work Evan!


> Any other thoughts the behavior?
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YannUbuntu (yannubuntu) said :

(1) I agree with Ruben that the current approach (display localized material by default, and English ones if not localized) is best for "languages with few translations", so it should be by default. If possible it would be nice to give an option to "hide unlocalized materials" (for people seeking localized materials) and another option to "show only unlocalized material" (for translators, in this case flags would be useful).

(2) we need to add "None" in the language list , for material without any words but just images.

(3) translators need an easy way to display material which exists in one selected language but that is not translated or partially translated in another selected language. The current "translation" page is not userfriendly in my opinion (why can we choose "to be translated" materials in the "source status" ??? . same for "translated content" in the "translation status" ??) , and has random results with me: some material that i translated appear untranslated...

(4) this is maybe out of subject, but i still don't understand what is "select node" option made for. Useless?

hope this can help :)

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