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Asked by Giorgi Maghlakelidze

Greetings friends!
I'm thinking of translating some promotional material from Website,
but am unable to add anything for Georgian language. Could You please add it to the available languages list, please?

Also, Drupal has been translated recently, but not released yet. The site is based on it, right?

Thank You for Your time! :)

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Evan Boldt
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Best Evan Boldt (echowarp) said :


It is drupal.
If you can find me the file, I can import the drupal system translations.

However, If you could also translate our interface that would be greatly appreciated.

You have to log in by pressing the button in the top right. We use launchpad login, so you won't have to create an account.

Once you do that, there will be a "Translate text" button in the bottom left. Click that and a 3 column list will appear. From there, select some important things to translate from the webpage, and search for them in the list.

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Giorgi Maghlakelidze (dracid) said :

Thanks Evan Boldt, that solved my question.

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Angelo Peter (angelo2323) said :

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