Is "GNOME Audio Profile" being used?

Asked by sezanzeb

Do you use that? It's in the Format dropdown.

I have never used "GNOME Audio Profile" and when I tried it out today it would print an error and use the format that was previously set up. Also, no audio profiles would load because I don't even have GConf installed. But even with GConf, it does nothing.

Since it doesn't even work for me and I don't see what this is supposed to be I would rather be in favor of removing it, unless somebody actually uses it.


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sezanzeb (sezanzeb) said :

If I could remove it, it would actually make things a bit easier for the ffmpeg thing I'm working on. I need to generalize a few classes and files and before I invest time into moving this I would like to know if it is still needed :)

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sezanzeb (sezanzeb) said :

I think I'll have to simplify a lot of the stuff that already exists before that.

To avoid making one giant enormous super PR that pretty much replaces half of the existing code at once I will split the whole thing into multiple PRs. In that case I would rather prefer to add "GNOME Audio Profile" back and fixed further down the road.

- 1. (done) Being able to install new folder structures
- 2. remove all unused variables, functions and imports as printed by pylint. remove GNOME audio profiles (for now)

now the codebase would be pretty clean and I can better separate and group everything into modules. e.g. move gstreamer out of

- 3. redo pipelines. They have some pretty wild inheritance in my opinion, I think it could be made simpler
- 4. add ffmpeg (and possible mutagen for tag handling), enable if with --ffmpeg (for now possibly only as command line arg. First need to play around for some time to see if everything still works)
- 5. add GNOME audio profiles if wanted

Before that happens, maybe you could create a new release tag on github?

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GautierPortet (kassoulet) said :


No, GNOME Audio Profile are not working with latests versions.
This is something I have to investigate further.
So yeah, you can absolutely remove the output format.

Audio profiles where a great idea at the time, but what one would need is an actual editor for them, and that never showed up.

As for ffmpeg and mutagen, the primary goal for SoundConverter is to use GStreamer. I would prefer to dump a feature than to start using alternative libraries. But you can ask the gstreamer people for help/features if something is wrong.

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GautierPortet (kassoulet) said :
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sezanzeb (sezanzeb) said :

Thanks :)

I will not go into ffmpeg then. I'll work on simplifying the queues and tasks though and add some tests for the changes on them.