Vorbis Converter Profiles Limited to 5

Asked by duchski on 2015-02-20

Sound converter 2.1.5 under Linux Mint only allows to choose from 5 vorbis bitrate profiles instead of all 10.
I, for instance, would like to be able to transcode to vorbis/ogg quality setting -5, which corresponds to 160kbps, which option is not available.

How do I do it? Is there a way to force sound converter to convert to ogg/vorbis at quality 5 which is ~160 kbps?

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duchski (sduchnowski) said : #1

To clarify, I am just looking to make the -5 (0.5) encoder profile (~160kbps) available in sound converter settings for Vorbis/Ogg...

duchski (sduchnowski) said : #2


You can edit /usr/lib/soundvonverter/ui.py to change available in GUI profiles.

Suggestion: instead of arbitrary "normal" "high" "low" setting I would rather have a slider making all of the profiles available via settings menu.

amb (bandel87) said : #3

Just wanted to bump this. I like 320 kbps Ogg Vorbis, and would prefer not to have to alter the source. (Thankfully it was at least in python and felt familiar)

andrew (andrew-david-strong) said : #4

This AskUbuntu question and answer demonstrates a relatively painless method of altering the quality settings and consequent bitrates:


Not a solution but perhaps a convenient work around...