Changing document's Audience and Category

Asked by mallow on 2008-06-04

I just updated from Silva news 2.5 to 2.6b...

When I go to edit a document, I can now change the document's category and Audience... this is wonderful, thank good ness for this feature yay!!!

Just one question, it seems that only one category and one audience type is available as options... Is there something I need to do to get the whole list of category and audiences to show up in that sidebar?

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Andy Altepeter (aaltepet) said : #1

Hi Mallow,

Yes, fixing the news items properties tab is one of the most user-facing fixes/improvements with 2.6. Since you started with a broken release of SilvaNews, you probably didn't go into service_news and setup the news categories. The Readme contains information on how to do this. If you haven't already, I would highly recommend reading the SilvaNews Readme. Here's an excerpt from the readme which talks about how to edit news categories:

  The first thing to do is add subjects and target audiences to the
  service_news object in the Silva root in the ZMI. This object is used only to
  manage those lists (subjects and target audiences), these will function as
  criteria for the newsfilters (more on these later in this document) to search
  on. It would be best to add as much subjects and target audiences as
  currently available to the service when setting up News, since the lists are
  the basis of the filtering system and one has to dive into the ZMI to add
  items (therefore it requires appropriate rights to edit stuff in the ZMI).
  Managing these lists is quite straightforward: you can add an item by filling
  in a string into one of the textfields and pressing on the corresponding
  'add' button, and remove them by checking the checkbox in front of an item
  and clicking the corresponding 'remove' button.

mallow (princemallow) said : #2

Well that's the thing... I already have 40 Subjects and 16 audiences set up... but when I'm in the silva kupa editor the properties sidebar only displays the first of my subjects and the audience titled "All"

mallow (princemallow) said : #3

Alright I found the problem... I had a Silva Category Filter and it seems that it behaves to whatever is in that folder and below it and that is what was limiting my choices in the properties menu...