Transferring scripts between computers

Asked by jaystew on 2010-02-01

I have created scripts that run well on one computer, but then when I move them to a second computer and try to run them, they do not run properly. Most of the commands work on the second computer, but one or two of the commands do not. Does this have to do with the image recognition?

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2010-02-01 (aperti) said : #1

First thing's first -- Do you have the same version of Sikuli installed on both computers?

Secondly; cross-Platform scripts don't really work just yet. The main reason is different computers/operating systems look differently and even function differently. For example, the Windows XP "Start Button" looks different from the one in Windows 7. You would have to write the script to include both start buttons and find the right one.

Even changing the "Theme" on the same computer can "brick" a script. These issues will be resolved eventually. For now, you have to program all variations in your script and have Sikuli search for multiple images.

dchuk (darrindemchuk) said : #2

What I've been doing that works really well is running sikuli in a winxp virtual machine. That way, I can launch the vm on any computer and it's guaranteed to run perfectly because the environment is always the same. Additionally, you can start the script and minimize the vm and use your computer. And you can run multiple instances of the vm simultaneously

Lot's of possibilities.

dchuk (darrindemchuk) said : #3

ahhhh this system is really weird, I didn't mean to say this was answered

jaystew (jeffrey-stewart) said : #4

Sorry about the lack of detail.
---same versions of Sikuli
---Running on XP
But you have answered my question. Thank you.