sikulix4python continuation? --- probably end of 2021

Asked by Daniel de Winter

Hello RaiMan,

A question (and comment) regarding the Sikuli4Python module.

In my opinion it would be really great to have the Sikuli4Python module and I hope you will continue with it. I did some basic experiments and it seems to work fine.

It would be really nice to write in python language but don't have to use the sikuliIDE (although it was really helpfull to get a jump start and do a proof of concept.

Are you planning to make all the java methods available for python in the end?
Do you think you will continue with this module soon?

-We are investigating Sikuli4Python in combination with Robotframework for acceptance testing the ERP in our hospital.
would you advise to use Sikuli4Python or the SikuliXLibrary? ...Is SikuliXLibrary replacing Sikuli4Python?

Kind regards,

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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said :

Thanks for your interest.

--- sikulix4python
There will be no progress before end of this year.
... but I think it should be the next step after releasing 2.0.6 finally during the next months.

--- SikuliLibrary
I cannot give any recommendations, since I am not responsible for that project.

Why is using Python for you better than Jython?
At least language level 2.7 is fully supported and with a suitable setup in PyCharms (using SikuliX IDE in parallel for the image capture and organisation) you can use Jython professionally.

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Daniel de Winter (daniwin82) said :

Hello Raimund,

Thanks for your feedback.

Sikulix IDE is ideal for capturing the images and changing the click offset and similarity.

Once saved, the changes are observerd DIRECTLY in PyCharm...which is really nice.

When editing in Pycharm and saving the file....the changes are not observed in the Sikulix IDE until the script is reopened

One major disadvantage:
once you switch back from PyCharm to Sikulix IDE, you MUST close the script you have worked on in Pycharm ...WITHOUT SAVING IT
...if, by accident, you SAVE the script in the SikuliX IDE your changes made in PyCharm are undone...this is tricky...or am I missing something?


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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said :

Ok, understood. Thanks.

I will add such a "file-changed-externally" feature to 2.0.6.