Unable to import module Requests on Sikulix IDE 2.0.5

Asked by Guillermo

I have a structure of multi-sikuli-modules set up, with an "API" module that makes use of an external module ( 'requests'), i.e.:
 - test1.sikuli
 - test2.sikuli
 - API.sikuli -> tools.py has `import requests`

I also have set up a, so to say, entry point, "framework.sikuli", that sequentially loads my modules and then launches them:
test_modules = [

for module in test_modules:
     if not module in sys.path:
    module = module.replace(".sikuli", "")
    print("Loading Module %s " % module)
    module_obj = __import__(module)
    globals()[module] = module_obj

If I remove the "API.sikuli" from test_modules array, when I run the framework.sikuli it fails afterwards (because test1 and test2 need the API), but having it there I get this error:
Loading Module API
[error] script [ test_framework ] stopped with error in line 220
[error] ImportError ( !!WHILE IMPORTING!! No module named requests )
[error] --- Traceback --- error source first
line: module ( function ) statement
5: API ( <module> ) import requests
220: main ( <module> ) module_obj = __import__(module)
[error] --- Traceback --- end --------------

What am I doing wrong?

I'm running Sikulix IDE 2.0.5, for what it's worth.

Thank you in advance

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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said :

where is the "external" module request?

Can it be found on sys.path?

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Guillermo (ggonmar) said :

It is a module that I install by `npm install requests`.
I don't know if it is in sys.path - where would I check that? :/

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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said :

npm means it is some javascript stuff, which surely cannot be imported into Python scripts.

So IMHO this error has no solution.

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Guillermo (ggonmar) said :

Apologies, I meant pip!

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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said :

I could not check, wether requests can be used with the SikuliX Jython interpreter (not possible if its uses C-based stuff from Python).

In any case, you have to take care, that the folder where pip installs modules is on SikuliX's sys.path

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