Running SikuliX in Guest OS through VirtualBox

Asked by jatin on 2021-03-31

Hi, right now SikuliX is using my whole OS. I recently came out with an idea about freeing up my OS. That is installing VirtualBox in my Win 10 OS and then installing Lightest OS(which I guess will be Linux) in the VirtualBox and let the SikuliX run in that Guest OS installed in VirtualBox. Then I can minimize the VirtualBox in the background and use my host OS without any problem. Did anybody try it, if not then does anybody know whether it will work or not?

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cgsdk (cgsdk) said : #1

I run all my SikuliX scripts in a VM's. In my case I use win10 as guest os, but Ubuntu or other linux versions should also work fine.
I use Azure as VM host instead of VirtualBox, but that shouldn't make any difference.
The tricky part is to run the guests "screen" without a connection to the vm.
It can be done in windows, but I don't know how and if it works in linux environment.

TestMechanic (ndinev) said : #2

You can run Lubuntu or XCFE Linux Mint

jatin (mrjatinkashyap) said : #3

@cgsdk : My ultimate goal is to run 20 SikuliX scripts simultaneously. I am completely new to this field so have no clue what hardware requirements I am looking at. I told Linux OS because I thought it will consume less computational power(RAM memory) given its open-source framework. Since I am using 20 scripts, saving even small computational power for each script will reduce my overall hardware requirements given one script will consume one OS(guest OS). I am thinking to buy two windows machines with 16 GB RAM hosting 10 scripts each. Do you think that will be sufficient or I am being too ambitious or conservatives? Again, my prime goal is to run 20 SikuliX scripts simultaneously to interact with a website through Chrome with minimum financial investment given I am a student.

Thank you for the reply!

jatin (mrjatinkashyap) said : #4

@TestMechanic : You are suggesting these OS because they demand the least computation power?


cgsdk (cgsdk) said : #5

@jatin: I don't understand how and why you need 20 scripts?
I mean - you could monitor 20 windows on the screen with one script?
But I don't see how you would monitor 20 screens/tabs with 20 scripts.
You're also have the option to run 20 vm's with 20 scripts on the same host.
The hardware requirements will also depend on the browser task - simpel html compared to heavy javascripts would set different requirements.
In most cases there is no quick answer to your question. I would try different setups, and expand the number of vm/scripts until I see the result and then decide for an architeture.

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