[2.0.5] IDE: Can't see full image in Target offset view --- enhancement tracked on GitHub

Asked by Jean Giacomin

GitHub issue: https://github.com/RaiMan/SikuliX1/issues/433


I'm trying to automate an app that has a really long menu. So I've a single reference .png file and from that pattern I'm clicking on relative coordinates of other buttons, menus, etc. The problem is that this image is on top and when I need to discover what are the target offset of elements at the bottom of that menu, the SikuliX IDE\Target offset menu does not allow me to see the full image.

I know this is not easy to understand just by the description, this is why I've documented the issue here in a pdf file.

If you don't want to check the pdf file, another way to try explain is,

0- Let's assume you're using Windows
1- Set your resolution to 1920x1080
2- Put a unique small image\icon etc at your top right screen
3- Take a screenshot of it using Sikuli IDE
4- Click over that pattern to open the pattern settings menu
5 - Click on Target Offset pane
6- Now try to scroll until you can see the Windows watch\clock at the bottom right,
7- Notice it does not show the full image, so even if you want to discover what is the target offset (x,y) of windows clock , you won't be able because there's a limitation preventing you to scroll until you can see the area you're looking for.

Is there any simple way to solve this issue?

My system:
Windows 10 PRO
Sikuli 1.1.4
Display resolution 1920x1080 Orientation Landscape

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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said :

try with the latest 2.0.5

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Jean Giacomin (jeansantos38) said :

Hi Raimund, thanks for your reply.

I tried the latest version and got the same issue. The area I'm trying to reach is out of IDE limits but just for TargetOff set menu, since in Matching preview the whole image is visible. I've even tried to zoom it out to the limit, I won't be able to see it.


I've managed to found a workaround using MS Excel to do the math for me and figure out what would be the target offset for the part of the image that is not appearing in Sikuli IDE\Target offset pane, but I'd rather not having to do this workaround, because it requires 3 extra steps to it and in the end won't have the same accuracy\precision as SikuliIDE\Tartget offset pane\feature provides.


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Jean Giacomin (jeansantos38) said :

This is the correct link for the report above using 2.0.5 version.


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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said :

ok, now I finally understood the problem.

There currently is no solution.

A workaround might be, to just "measure" the offset using the Offset button, and manually create the Pattern.

I will add this as a bug/enhancement for version 2.0.6 (revise the target offset preview)

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TestMechanic (ndinev) said :

Use Windows ruler

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Jean Giacomin (jeansantos38) said :

@RaiMan, Thanks for adding it as enhancement!

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Jean Giacomin (jeansantos38) said :

@TestMechanic, I've already an workaround for that - as mentioned above. Thanks anyway.

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