Launch sikulix server with SSH connection

Asked by Ben on 2021-01-14

Hello !

Some usefull information: the VM are on Azur and run Windows 10, my local comp also run Windows 10, I have OpenSSH_server installed on my VM, port 22 & 50001 are both open for inboud/outbound.

Here is my issue:

I have a program running a graphic interface on my local computer (compA), it allow me to connect to remote computer with SSH (using the fabric module for python), and to display output inside a text widget. I successfully connect to my VM (compB), and run via SSH a .cmd on compB. The .cmd file has one line: java -jar C:\Redacted\sikulix\sikulix.jar -d 2 -s

When executing it manually, it's working great, I have access to http://localhost:50001/, I can execute script...

When I execute it via SSH, all I see is the OpenJDK Platform binary process starting, but I can't access http://localhost:50001/ and can't execute script.

I can execute other commands like "ipconfig", "dir".

Is there a reason that would prevent the sikuli server from starting via SSH ? Is there something I'm missing ?

Thanks for reading !

ps: edited my topic because there was to many useless informations

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Ben (benvdg) said :

Here is a screen capture of my try on executing sikulix server by SSH :

If I execute just the javacommand, it "freeze" my terminal, and the SSH connection eventually time out.

If I execute a cmd file that execute a .py file which do a subprocess.popen() of the javacommand, the .py script work fine, but I still can't access the sikulix server.

I must be missing something

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Ben (benvdg) said :

Well, I find out that, by adding -t to the ssh connection command (ssh user@hostname -t ) and by doing echo before trying to start the javacommand, everything work !