How do I run SikulixIDE locally from my IDE?

Asked by Nick Hutchinson on 2021-01-08

I would like to use SikuliX as the base program for a university project and make some changes on top of the existing codebase.
I've cloned the repository from here to my machine:

Looking at the codebase I've seen there is a main function in the SikulixIDE class under the IDE module which I've tried running but I get the following error in the console after the build process concludes:

[ERROR] org.sikuli.ide.SikulixIDE: unauthorized use. Use: org.sikuli.ide.Sikulix

Process finished with exit code 1

Is there a better way of starting the app up locally i.e. in a way that if I make changes and re-build, I can test them on the IDE.

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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #1

First of all I recommend to not use the current GitHub state:
--- branch master is in a very bad shape and you should simply forget it the next months
--- branch release_2.0.x is the branch I am currently active with to get the version 2.0.5 out

An alternative is to use the 2.0.4 state, which is stable:

This would allow you to work independently from the probably still massive changes in the above mentioned branches.

If you would give some more information about your plans, I could give you more tips, how to manage:
- are you planning changes/additions to the IDE GUI?
- do you want to add/change features at the Jython level?
- or is your target the Java API level?

If you still want to work with the current repo, you have to refer to the branch release_2.0.x.

In any case I can tell you finally, how to get it working.

Nick Hutchinson (hutcni) said : #2

Thanks for the heads up about the branch statuses, I'll pull from 2.0.4.

I believe I'll be making changes to both the IDE GUI and the Java API for now. Is it possible to change them both in conjunction i.e. if I add a new API on the Java API side, can I then leverage it on the IDE side?

Thank you for the swift responses!

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #3

Ok, understood.

I will come back asap (evening in Germany ;-)

Nick Hutchinson (hutcni) said : #4

No worries, take your time!

Also, Is there documentation regarding SikuliX's architecture and codebase structure?

Nick Hutchinson (hutcni) said : #5

Just bumping this thread back up

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