How to create a tic tac toe Sikuli automation?

Asked by Alex Haldaman on 2020-09-18

I want to create a tic tac toe automation with Sikuli where it plays against the computer and where it knows whether it has won or lost. How would I start to do this? I don't need a full answer just a pointer.

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Nice try, Alex! :)

Ladies and gents, be careful not to supply a full source code for this, cause this is Alex's homework assignment and I'm his professor.
Pointers are allowed so feel free to point him in the right direction but don't do his homework for him :)

Alex Haldaman (alexman2020) said : #2

Hello Prof! Don't worry I was only asking for some hints nothing more but now I was able to do it.

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #3

LOL, the world is really smaller than ever :))

@Alex: Come back with fresh posts if you have problems, that can neither be solved by looking into the docs ( nor into examples found in the net (do not forget to list were you got the hints). All the best.

I will close this question now as solved.