Windows: Jython: Subprocess.Popen does not accept / in some cases

Asked by Artem Koval on 2020-06-07

Hello. This may not be a Sikuli specific question, but I'd really appreciate your input. I'm trying to open a file with specific application and for some reason files that start with 'p' do not open. For example:

import subprocess
app = 'C:/Program Files/Application/App.exe'
file = 'C:/test/p.qwe'
subprocess.Popen([ftm, file])

And nothing happens. If I rename the file in Explorer (add any character before 'p') then it opens successfully. If, instead of my application, I use 'notepad.exe' everything works fine too. I am completely puzzled.

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Artem Koval (gunmad) said : #1

Sorry, I think the issue was in slashes. Works after replacing them with '\\'. Funny how it doesn't want to work with '/' and 'p'.

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #2

to keep it open.

What SikuliX version? What Java?

Java itself accepts / as \\ on Windows, but it seems that parts of Jython does not.

About the p - I guess, that /p has a special meaning internally !?

I will check with the latest Jython 2.7.2 and report here.

Artem Koval (gunmad) said : #3

Sikuli ver - 2.0.1
Java - 8 (251)

I just tested it in PyCrharm Python IDE and got the same results.

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