Transition from 1.1.0 to 2.0.4. Unexpected image search behavior

Asked by Darius Tumas

As title states i'm converting my Java application from Sikuli 1.1.0 to 2.0.4.

In 1.1.0 Following procedure was:
1. Create image from sprites sheet.
2. Crop to the spot of interest
3. Take focused window as region
4. Find all matches in that region.

final Region program = App.focusedWindow();
Final Image windowElements = Image.create("window_panel_decorations");

Image titleTabStart = windowElements.getSub(12, 156, 18, 21);

final Iterator<Match> titleStarts = program.findAll(titleTabStart);

and then logic in iteration.

With 2.0.4 i'm getting following exception and errors:

1. [error] Finder2: makeMat: BufferedImage: type not supported: 0 --- please report this problem
2. Exception in thread "main" [error] Finder: __BufferedImage__: (18x21): conversion error --- find will fail
org.sikuli.script.SikuliXception: Finder::isValid: image to search is empty
 at org.sikuli.script.Finder$FindInput2.isValid(
 at org.sikuli.script.Finder$Finder2.doFind(
 at org.sikuli.script.Finder$Finder2.find(
 at org.sikuli.script.Finder.findAll(
 at org.sikuli.script.Region.doFindAll(
 at org.sikuli.script.Region.access$300(
 at org.sikuli.script.Region$
 at org.sikuli.script.Region$Repeatable.repeat(
 at org.sikuli.script.Region.findAll(

At current moment, i'm stuck with debuging with what has changed, that old logic does not work any more. Any help appreciated.

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Darius Tumas (tokeiito-m) said :

When i debug both images by saving them, they do exist, and they do have expected contents.

OS: Windows 10
Java: OpenJDK 8

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Darius Tumas (tokeiito-m) said :

Not sure is that intentional or not, but the problem seems is with:

Image testImage = Image.create("image_name_in_classpath");
testImage.getSub(x, y, w, h);

getSub returns Image with BufferedImage with custom type when source image ""image_name_in_classpath" has color profile attached to it, instead being just standard RGB or SRGB.

Work around without converting source image for now i have used:

Image titleTabStart = new Image(Image.createSubimage(windowElements.get(), new Rectangle(12, 156, 18, 21)));

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